Shayba Estevez
Age 4.5 years
Gender Female
Group/pack Shayba's pack (formerly: Lone One)
Species Eurasian Wolf
Status Alive

Shayba is a pale she-wolf with a darker grey back and a black tail tip. She has brown eyes.


An assassin with a heart (ep 1)

Shayba is not seen, but she is mentioned by Lynn, referring to her as her mother, who is running with the stars. 

ALO Short Stories #1: A New Life

She got mentioned briefly. Lynn remembers her a few times in the story. 

Family MembersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Shaybe has been revealed to still be alive and well. She took, without Norder's permission, the three strongest pups with her to raise them in her old pack of birth, because they have a bigger shot at surviving there.
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    Shayba in her original "From Omega to Alpha" design, back in 2011

    Shayba already appeared in Lynnzl's canceled animation and same named written story "From Omega to Alpha". Back then, she had blue eyes and the same markings as Norder. Since it was illogical to give both of Lynn's parents those markings in ALO, she has a slight edit of Lynn's markings. Her eye color is also changed to brown because Norder has green and Lynn brown; it had to make sense genetically.
  • In "From Omega to Alpha", Shayba was a husky-wolf mix, now she is a mix between two wolf breeds.
  • She was originally a Mexican/Eurasian wolf mix before the former species got written out due to needless complications.
  • Her name was originally spelled Sheba, but this has been changed to prevent confusion with Shiba.
  • Her name is still spelled as Sheba on the ALO TvTropes page.