Age 1.5 years at death
Gender Female
Group/pack None- Cattledog
Species Husky mix (Dark Guardian/Andeo)
Status Decased

Shiba is a blue and white dog with straw-colored hair, red markings running from her nose to her tail tip, and blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Ever since her parents were killed by One-eye in front of her eyes as a pup, only one thing was on Shiba's mind: vengeance. While all Cattledogs instinctively hate wolves, Shiba's hatred for them was much, much deeper. She kept training herself to use her special wings to her advantage and let hatred and anger. She was very strong and powerful among the Cattledogs, causing her to be the leader of her own farm's pack, but she was never that well-liked by anyone besides Strike, who did occasionally hang out with her. When the three Cattledogs went after One-eye and Lynn and Shiba realized that she was about to get the revenge she had dreamed of for so long, though, Shiba completely lost sight and track of anything besides that, which became eventually her doom.


Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

Shiba is briefly seen as Django mentions the warriors being sent after One-eye.

Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

Shiba agrees that she, Strike and Tora go after this assassin she mentioned. On their journey, Shiba almost falls off a cliff, but Strike helps her. When they reach One-eye by the end of the episode, it is revealed that One-eye killed Shiba's parents a year ago. This upsets Shiba, which makes her Dark Guardian come out, and her Andeo Wings appear. 


Shiba and Strike in episode 4.

Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Shiba and her friends are spying on One-eye on the hill. When Shiba sees that the old wolf is moving to the forest, she is about to go, but gets in a fight with Strike, who insists on following One-eye, to do Silkey an extra favour, by telling her what exactly One-eye's territory is. Shiba gets mad at her, and tells her that it was that wolf who killed her parents. It starts to rain, but they decide to still look for One-eye. Later, when they find him, Abbie and Lynn, the dogs attack. After Lynn and Abbie flee, Shiba almosts manages to kill One-eye, but is stopped by Lynn, who headbutts her away from him. The episode ends with Lynn and Shiba, who are about to attack eachother, and a lightningstrike, which reveals that they both have Dark Guardians.

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

Shiba is fighting Lynn, their Dark Guardian's alongside them. Shiba injures Lynn's leg, but Lynn bites her cheek. Shiba later manages to free herself from Lynn, who does some fruitless attempts to strike the Andeo down. One-eye gets up and attacks Shiba, who spits him in the face and calls him a monster. This makes One-eye furious, and he throws her away, out of the forest, to the meadow, where she hits a pole of a lift. She looks back, cries over the fact that she didn't manage to kill her parents' murderer, and runs off.

This Is Our home (ep 7)

Shiba reached Strike and Tora safely on the meadow. Strike tries to ask how she's doing, but Shiba is immensely angry at the fact that she failed to kill One-eye, and is about to go back alone to try again, only to be stopped by Strike, who talks some sense into her. Then, Abbie appears. Shiba instantly attacks the cat, and, after Abbie and Strike share a conversation, and the two of them decide to go to One-eye and Lynn to talk about the Clan, Shiba, forces Tora to come along and not-so-kindly requests Abbie to lead the way.

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

She made a minor appearance among Tora, Strike and Abbie, and still opposes the rest.

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

Shiba appeared at the end, almost instantly starting to quarrel with One-eye when she sees him. When trying to be calmed down, One-eye teases her with her dead parents and she goes haywire and attacks him.

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

Shiba fought One-eye, only to soon be stopped by Lynn and her Dark Guardian. She accidentally gets her Guardian to kill Lynn's, but then approaches One-eye again, ready to deliver the final blow. He dodges her attack, however, and Shiba crashes into the hard, rocky ground, being killed by the impact. She's later mentioned a few times by Strike, Shiba and One-eye.

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  • Icerift Fyera

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  • ManyobsessionsNF
  • Mysticmooncharm

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Trivia Edit

  • Shiba was originally going to be killed by One-eye at the end of the series, but this was later changed to her dying by accident.
  • In another draft, she was going to live by the end of the show.