Age 2 years (All Lone Ones)

4 years (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack None (formerly: Rou's Clan)
Species Wolfdog
Status Alive

Starlight is a black she-wolf with brighter grey markings around her eyes, on her muzzle and on her chest. She also has a white patch of fur on her chest. Her eyes are bright blue. She misses both her ears and has various scars on her body.

Appearances Edit

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

Made a small appearance.

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

Starlight made a brief appearance as one of the wolves to stop Onyx when she tries to escape.

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

When Walter tries to intimidate Onyx, Starlight remarks that it's not necessary to be that mean. She wants to know what they are going to do with her. She remarks that, if they hurt her, they might lose the high rankings they worked so hard for. When Kwebso arrives to tell them about the preparations being held, she and the rest of the patrol leaves.

Outcast (ep 11)

Starlight briefly appeared on the Main Base.

Commonplace (Renegades ep 1)

Starlight is among the patrol, together with Kwebso, and spots a rabbit. She tries to hunt it, but her attempt is futile. She explains how she had a bet with her brother that she'd be able to catch five rabbits in a row, which she now failed. Kwebso remarks that maybe she shouldn't be placing childish bets on something so important, and calls it childish, but Starlight won't have any of it. When Richard urges them to move on, she remarks sarcastically how insensitive he is.

Encounter (Renegades ep 4)

Starlight appears during the conversation between Nick and Kwebso, bleeding and battered. She's panting and extremely upset, but passes out before she can tell them what happened to her. Kwebso and Nick drag her back to the rendezvous to have Big and Jaire heal her. Big says that he'll do what he can to save her.

Actor Edit

Current Edit

  • Divine

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  • At first, Starlight had markings that were way closer to resembling Lynn's, and a more curly hair style. She later changed to this, since she looked too much like Lynn.
  • Starlight is a one of the greatest hunters in the Clan, according to Kwebso.
    Starlight concept art

    The many conceptual versions of Starlight

  • Starlight hates getting up early, and, thus, the morning patrol she has to do daily.
  • Starlight is gay.
  • Starlight's big crush back in the Clan was Silver.
  • Starlight is named after the song Starlight from Muse.
  • Originally, after she was created, Starlight was going to play a huge part in the scrapped season 2 of ALO. She was going to be a close friend to both Lynn and One-eye, looking after both of them, making her the deuteragonist of the series. However, with the later rewrite of the series and season two being cut, she was at the brink of being written out altogether. However, Lynnzl didn't want to let go of the character so easily, with her being one of the creator's favourites, so Starlight was written as a smaller appearance in ALO and a later bigger one in Renegades instead.