Strike Jay
Age 1.5 years (All Lone Ones)

3.5 years (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack None- Cattledog
Species Aslation mix
Status Alive

Strike is a white dog with brown spots on her tail, left front paw, left eye and left ear tip, blond hair with blue hues in it and pale brown eyes. She has a big scar on the left side of her neck and wears goggles behind her hair.


Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

Strike is seen when Django refers to her as one of the warriors.

Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

Strike is seen in the first part while arguing with Silkey . She later is one of the three dogs to chase after One-eye


Preparing to pounce on One-eye alongside Tora.

Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Strike and Shiba get in a fight. Strike wants to follow One-eye to see where his den is, so that they can later tell Silkey where his terrotory is. Shiba wants to attack him on the meadow. After the arguement is over, and they see One-eye is gone, they go after him anyways. During the fight, later, One-eye injures Strike, by giving her a scar on her neck. He temporarily disables her by pinning her collar to the ground with a branch, but Strike manages to free herself, and the collar breaks. When the three dogs attack One-eye all at once, Strike succeeds into giving One-eye some serious wounds, on his right hind leg. 

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

Strike injures One-eye, which makes him scream. Later, she and Tora are seen trying to bring One-eye down. Tora flees after One-eye gives her some deep wounds, and Strike is ready to take on him, but he jumps over her to help Lynn. Later, she is seen warning Shiba that she shouldn't kill Lynn, and should watch out. Abbie tries to attack Strike, who dodges and bites Abbie in her ear. After Shiba flees, Strike sees how hopeless her situation is and she leaves as well.  

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

Strike is pretty hungry and states that she'd like to be able to hunt, to which Abbie responds by getting her some dead rabbits. When the cat proposes to take her to the wolves later, Strike agrees.  

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

Strike appeared at the end among the other dogs and Abbie, being led to One-eye. When the conversation goes down really fast she tries to peacefully solve it, but in the end it doesn't work out and Shiba attacks One-eye.  

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

Strike is witness to the "showdown" between One-eye and Shiba. The latter accidentally dies, but from where Strike is standing it appears as if One-eye killed the dog. Strike loses the cool she manages to keep almost always and freaks out, wildly accusing One-eye of murder on her friend and running away. Abbie goes after her and tries to console the white dog, to explain the situation, but Strike wants nothing of it and permanently ends her friendship with Abbie because she sees her old friend as a friend of One-eye. She and Tora run off again until they find Onyx in the woods. Strike briefly explains to the fat corgi what happened, and they decide to return to their farms for good and never return into the wild.



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  • Strike wears goggles, even though they sometimes are behind her hairs.