Taima Hinkle
Age 2.7 years (All Lone Ones)

4.7 years (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack Rou's Clan
Species Eurasian wolf mix
Status Alive

Taima is a brown she-wolf with pale markings that run from her muzzle, over her chest and belly, to the tip of her tail. She has black hair, many scars covering her body, and brown eyes, which are both a different shade of brown.

Personality Edit

Taima knows no boundaries and might as well be slightly crazy, that's a well-known fact. She is even more of a loudmouth than Rou or Walter are, making the most inappropriate comments on the most inappropriate moments, and can't take criticism at all. She's harsh and tends to get irritable when she doesn't get to kill anything for over 24 hours. Despite all of this she does have a genuine soft side. Sorta. She prefers to joke, eat, or kill mostly, though, rather than show this.

Appearances Edit

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)


Taima alongside Rou at the gathering.

Taima appeared briefly alongside Rou, questioning Silkey when she started the gathering.

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

Taima this time appeared more prominent, clearly ready to start her mission to kill One-eye.

Outcast (ep 11)

Taima was part of the patrol sent to kill One-eye. She and the patrol were sent away when the fight between Silkey and One-eye began, but disobeyed, killing Abbie in the process. She was sent away again after this with the rest of the patrol, only to be called back minutes later to view One-eye's "corpse" (which in reality is just One-eye pretending to be dead). She didn't buy it, neither did the rest of the patrol. When they left and the patrol got home, Taima explained to Rufus that Silkey had lied about killing One-eye. Later, when Rou's family appears, she explains to them what One-eye looked like.

Recreancy (Renegades ep 2)

Taima appeared on the Main Base alongside her mate. When Kwebso brings the news that there was a dog invading, she appears to be eager to kill it. To her dismay, the dog is already gone. She later mentions that Kwebso should keep an eye on Richard because he is acting weird. When Kwebso says he's going to find out where Richard is leaving to, she watches him run away.

Untitled (Renegades ep 3)

Taima is there when Kwebso arrives at the Main Base. She asks him where Richard is, and is disgruntled when Kwebso tells her he left the Clan. She tells Rou about the situation, which prompts him to call for a meeting and let her punish Kwebso by scarring him. Ru wants to stop Taima from further harming Kwebso, which prompts Taima to tell the leader's mate that she's only just getting started. Two weeks later in the evening, she, Rou and Rufus are gathered together for a small meeting. Both she and her mate voice their disapproval with Rufus' leadership. Rufus genuinely seems to want to improve, but Rou then announces his plans and has Taima attack Rufus. When they arrive at the Main Base to bring the news that they have taken over the Clan, Taima is the one to carry Rufus' decapitated head as proof.

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  • Camy-orca