Unknown Wolverson Pups
Age Unknown
Gender Male and female
Group/pack None- Lone Ones
Species Eurasian Wolves
Status Deceased

Unknown Wolverson Pups are pups of Reika and Blaze. How many there are, what names they have, and how old they grew is unknown.

What is known is that there were quite a lot of the, seeing how Reika had many litters in her life, and that none of them were deformed. It is also confirmed that, logically, there were both males and females. There have been a few stillborn ones, as confirmed in Reika's Loss. The ones that made it until adulthood all had left their parents by the time Daniel was born.

It's been confirmed that all of the ones that surived until they became elderly have passed away due to old age.

Appearances Edit

ALO Short Stories #2: Reika's Loss

They got mentioned a few times.