Age 2 weeks at death
Gender Female
Group/pack Rufus´ Clan
Species Catamount
Status Deceased

Velfet was Silkey´s younger sister.

Appearances Edit

ALO Short Stories #3: Forgotten Friendship

Velfet got mentioned by Silkey to her mother when the cub didn't get what she want. It was explained that Velfet was Silkey's sister who showed a fighting spirit from the moment she was born, and that Arrow was heartbroken because she died and she was stuck with her less-than-preferable other daughter. Brad later mentioned Velfet, too.

Family Members Edit

  • MotherArrow (deceased)
  • Father: Brad (deceased)
  • Sister: Silkey (unknown)

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Silkey, Velfet did not have strabismus.
  • Silkey's and Velfet's names are both misspellings of a way to describe texture, silky and velvet.