Walter Canisse
Age 2 years (All Lone Ones)

4 years (Renegades)

Gender Male
Group/pack Rou's Clan
Species Labrador/husky/Red wolf mix
Status Alive

Walter is a black wolfdog with grey-blue eyes and red markings on hus muzzle, tail, chest and back. He is close to resembling Rufus.

Appearances Edit

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

Made a small appearance, asking what is going on when the meeting starts.

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

Walter made a brief appearance as one of the wolves to stop Onyx when she tries to escape.

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

Walter insults Onyx and pins her down, trying to intimidate her. Starlight calls him out for this behavior and warns him not to hurt her, or else they might lose their high rankings. When Kwebso arrives and tells them of the preparations being held to get to One-eye's home and kill him, Walter gladly abandons taunting Onyx to go home with the rest of the patrol. He is later seen during the preparations, and then later at the very end at One-eye's den, ready for the confrontation.

Outcast (ep 11)

When Silkey explains her plan to her patrol, Walter remarks that it's terrible. He leaves with the rest of the patrol after Silkey orders so, but later ignores this order and goes back with the patrol to surround Lynn and Abbie. The patrol leaves after Silkey orders them to leave once more, and returns when she tells them it's okay to. Silkey tells the patrol that One-eye is dead and she takes them with her, back to the Main Base. Walter isn't seen after returning there safely.

Commonplace (Renegades ep 1)

Though not seen, Walter is mentioned by Starlight when she says she had a bet with him on who had to do the morning patrol.

Actor Edit

Current Edit

  • TheScottishFox

Family MembersEdit


  • Walter had two conceptual incarnations: One being Tacaul, a dark brown wolf with green eyes, and one being Azotar, a black wolf with white spots and blue eyes. His name was later changed to the current one, alongside his design.
  • Walter's current design bears a striking resemblance to Rufus' old design.
  • Walter went through the most different changes during his conceptual designs. His sister Starlight also had a lot of conceptual versions, but all were rather similar: a pure black wolfdog with light blue eyes and maybe some occassional markings. Walter had much more varying conceptual versions.
  • Walter means "ruler of the army" in Old German.