European wildcats 10 by windfuchs-d6j3ds4

Photo Credit: Wildfuchs

Wildcats are one of the species in ALO. They are different from the usual European Wild Cats (see photo), which do not appear in the series at all.

Appearance Edit

Though no fullblood Wildcat has appeared until now in the series, it has been confirmed that Wildcats are larger versions of usual European Wild Cats, with longer ears, that have pale tips, and legs.

The only coloration Wildcats have is similar to European Wild Cats: a mottled tabby coat, though hybrids with housecats can result into other markings. Their eyes are usually brown, green or amber.

Unlike European Wild Cats and housecats, Wildcats are big: They can grow up to the size of a PON dog.

Behavior Edit

Wildcats behave generally the same as usual European Wild Cats: They prefer to live solitary in the wild, away from people and even other animals. They're usually shy and prefer living deep in the forest, though exact behavior is different per individual.