Wolves are some of the major animals that play a role in All Lone Ones. There are different wolf species.

Eurasian wolves Edit

Eurasian wolves are one of the three main species of wolves in ALO, and also the most common one. Since ALO takes place in an alternate universe, and in the future, wolves are still native to Austria, where ALO takes place.

They have been wiped out, but returned pretty quickly from the eastern parts of Europe.


A real Eurasian

An example of a main Eurasian wolf in ALO is One-eye . In the series, however, it is rare that there is a full breed Eurasian. There are lots of hybrids, some with dogs, some with reds. Still, Eurasian wolves are native to Austria.

They can live both in packs or as Lone Ones.  

 Their appearance in ALO is pretty default

They are usually the tallest wolves, with brushy tails. Their coats are usually grey or brown, and their eyes green, brown, yellow, orange, grey or golden. In most cases they are tricolored, sometimes bicolored. 

Other examples: ReikaBlaze

Red wolvesEdit

Red wolves are the only wolf species not native to Austria. They began to roam the mountains after the Great Zoo breakout. They again proved that they could manage in the mountain, so they where left alone by the humans. They started to breed with Eurasians and dogs, increasing the "wolf" population.  

In ALO, red wolves are the smallest species, just like in real life. They have in general reddish coats, big, pointy ears, long snouts and have green or brown eyes.

Since red wolves are more of solitary animals, they are more common to be Lone Ones than Eurazian wolves. They can be both pack wolves and Lone Ones, but they are usually Lone Ones, maybe in a small pairing. Lone Lone Ones they can be as well. Tough very rare, there are a few known cases of reds living in packs. These wolves are, however, usually red wolves who joined Eurazian wolf packs. There are no red wolf packs on the mountains.

Red wolves are also the rarest wolves. They are highly endangered species, and thus there where not many in the zoo to escape. The most red wolves are hybrids.

To some people red wolves are not considered true wolves, but hybrids between coyotes and timber wolves, but it has been confirmed to be a distinct species. Some, however, still don't see it as wolves. 

Example: Norder


Before the Great Zoo Breakout, the only wild canines on the mountains where Eurasian wolves, red foxes and maybe some wild human dogs. After the Breakout, however, things changed dramatically. The red wolves started to crowd the mountains as well. Most of them parted, since almost all of them where family, so they couldn't repopulate, and found new mates, and so started new packs. Since most of the wolves where related, they could almost only breed with other canines. This caused the massive amount of wild canines on the mountain. Now there where red-Eurasians, and all of the three wolf breed mixed with dogs. 

Hybrids can live both in packs and as Lone Ones, and sometimes even as pets, when with dog genes, so there is almost no consistency when it comes to way of living.  The blood of the parents may influence it.


Wolfdogs are one of the most common hybrids in ALO. They can live both in the wild and as pets, this usually depends on there the mom decides to take them. Tough they will always have a tendency to go to humans when living in the wild, and will always be a little bit "wild" when living like a dog. There is a bigger chance of the animal raising like a dog when the mother is a dog.  It's more likely that high content wolfdogs live in the wild, while low contents are more tied to humans.

There are, however, also non-wolfdogs in ALO, which are the dog breeds that are bred to look like wolves, such as the Saarloos or Czechoslovakian wolfdog. These have no wolf blood in them, yet look a lot like wolves.

Examples of hybrid wolfdog in ALO are: Tora , Wolfy and Wolfie .

Wolf hybridsEdit

Wolf hybrids can be a mix between any kind of wolf. Whether they live in a pack or as Lone One depends on the way they are raised, and their parents' breeds. Example:

Lynn : Red-gray wolf mix